Canadian Artist Brett Davis

Canadian Artist Brett Davis

Brett Davis, the Canadian artist, was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1957. He graduated with honours from Toronto’s Central Technical School Special Fine Art Program in 1981 where he majored in sculpture.


Thirty Years of Custom and Commission-Based Cast Bronze Sculpture

AgeofBronze - Gallery PictureFor over 30 years, he has created custom and commission-based cast bronze sculptures in North America as well as overseas. He works in all facets of non-ferrous metals, including welding, fabrication, chasing and fountain design. He has studied and created specialized patina formulas for many Canadian and international artists, galleries and museums. Brett also teaches chemical patination and conducts workshops at local art colleges. 


International Reputation as a Bronze Artist

AgeofBronze - Gallery Picture
His recognition as a bronze artist has earned him an international reputation. A number of his works can be found globally, including Asia, Europe and North America. Brett Davis holds many honours, including membership in the Sculptors Society of Canada (SSC) and the Royal British Society of Sculptors (RBS).

Site-Specific Bronze Sculpture

AgeofBronze - Gallery PictureOver the years, Brett has worked extensively with many prominent landscaping firms in both the public and private sector. He has created site-specific bronze sculpture garden art and bronze water features that are focal points of the landscape designs with which they have been integrated.

Working with Bronze

AgeofBronze - Gallery PictureBrett uses bronze as his material of choice because of:

  • its recognition as a noble metal,
  • its longevity,
  • its ability to withstand the elements outdoors,
  • the structural properties it possesses, and
  • the extensive repertoire of patina colors that complement the form and enhance the descriptive nature of each sculpture.
To discover more about Brett Davis, the Canadian artist, please visit the website There, you can learn more about Brett’s illustrious career, his collections, recent work and more.